Malfeasance of Time

The Corruption Spreads
Ever get that feeling that you're being watched?

Hello hello and welcome to the very first post in my newest story: Malfeasance of Time!

A little about me: the GM (for those that don’t know): I am a recent KU graduate with a Liberal Arts and Science B.G.S. My future career is content design in video games… basically writing and story telling.

Like everything I am doing right now, I’m trying to add some meat to a portfolio of works that I can show to future employers in the Gaming Industry. What better to show off that I can write interactive story telling then a tabletop game!

So here’s how this particular game works: My 4 players were tasked with creating characters from “anything”. A hint of superheros was given as to what this campaign would be about. Other than that, everything was left to the infinite cosmos of creative vision. I have yay’d and neigh’d a few ideas here and there, but most of them have a good grip on what they are doing. The players have no knowledge of the word other than a brief synopsis.

The world is loosely based off of the basic understanding of a dual published comic book(s) called “The Exiles”. What this means is that the characters will be flung through time and space and have to “solve” the problems of universes and realities else the “Macroverse” implodes in on itself. There are a couple of rules this game was made upon: Everyone involved has to both play and GM at some point and reality hopping is par for the course, everyone has too. Another interesting twist: characters can change if they would like. If a player dislikes their character, they can simply pick up a new one. The system is home-brewed D20 so nothing is really “out of bounds”.

The characters have chosen:
A Drell-like amphibious mercenary
A chaos brewing pixi
A hell calling banshee teenager
and the offspring of Wolverine and Mystique

Finally me, the GM:
When I play while another player runs, I’ll be a kung-fu mystic Qilin.

That’s all for now.

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